The reason why a used Japanese car sells in the world

I understand that it is a Japanese car at first sight.
The value of = "original" in condition adding any hand is finished.
One of the proof of the "original" is to just leave Japanese paint.
When this is derived, and a buyer paints it after the vehicle purchase again, it is popular in a part to be going to show for "an original" by giving paint like Japanese of the model-learning.
Why is a Japanese car popular in a country except Japan?
Occur, but is obliged to carry out car inspection, and, as for the used car, road environment is arranged by the world countries; of the driving manner of the driver because is high-level, and there is hardly a country exceeding a Japanese used car with the transfer culture with both of a price, the quality, it is the recognition that is global from Japan as for the used car.
I am proud of sales of commercial vehicle (the taxis which a photograph introduced) No. 1 in a Japanese such used automotive industry leading an automotive industry of Uganda of Uganda, and there is a Japanese manager pulling the used car industry.

Let's find japanese used car